Antioxidant MB

Antioxidant MB




联系人:刘浚/ James Lau


Chemical Name      2-Mercaptobenzimidazole

Molecular Structure

Antioxidant MB 

Molecular Formula    C7H6N2S

Molecular Weight     150.16

CAS#                 583-39-1



Item Specifications
Appearance Light yellow or white powder
Initial Melting Point          (℃)Min. 290.0
Loss on drying                  (%)Max. 0.30
Ash                                     (%)Max. 0.30
Residue on 150μm Sieve    (%) Max. 0.1



No smell but taste bitter. Relative density is 1.42, soluble in alcohol, acetone and ethyl acetate, slightly soluble in petroleum ether, CHCl2, insoluble in CCl4, benzene and water. Good stabilization storage ability.


Can effectively protect the pollution of copper and deal with the bad effect of over-vulcanization. It has an action of delay to the accelerator, DM, TMTD, etc.

There are better actions when it is used with antioxidant. Change less in color, it can be used in wire, cable and transparent or color rubber products and it also can be used as heat stabilizer of polyethylene and polypropylene.


The product should be stored in dry and cooling place with good ventilation, Avoiding exposure of the package product to direct sunlight. The validity is 2 years.

Packing     20kg/carton.